Research Program Health Communication

Prof. Dr. Hein de Vries

Mission. The mission of this program is to conduct research aiming at developing, testing and implementing new health communication interventions for the adoption of a healthy lifestyle in the general public and in patients using personal counseling and computer tailored counseling.  The program is part of the research program Health Communcation and Health Promotion of Caphri.

The program has the following objectives intended at:

  • The development of pre-intervention research aimed at the analysis of relevant determinants of behavioral change and effective communication;
  • The development and testing of the efficacy of new interactive health communication intervention methods focusing in particular on personal counseling, new computer tailored e-health techniques and principles of cognitive ergonomics;
  • Studying the possibilities of altering multiple behavior change in (groups of) individuals (as opposed to isolated single health behavioral change);
  • The development of research analyzing diffusion strategies to analyze and change barriers of the adoption of effective new health communication techniques on a larger scale and the evaluation of such strategies Theory building that pertains to health communication;
  • Theory building that pertains to primary, secondary and tertiary prevention of diseases in general and for cancer prevention in particular.

(Assistant) Professors:

Math Candel (statistics)
Ciska Hoving (health communication in health care settings)
Liesbeth van Osch (self-regulation and health communication)
Marc Willemsen (tobacco policy research)

Marieke Werry (Maastricht University; post doc)

Ph.D. students:
Nadine Berndt (at Open University Netherlands)
Paul Cremers
Matthijs Eggers
Iman Elfeddali
Sander Hilberink (at Radboud University)
Eva Janssen
Britt van Lettow (at Erasmus University)
Mutaz Mohammed
Lusajo Kajula-Maonga
Gera Nagelhout
Danielle Peels (at Open University Netherlands)
Francine Schneider
Daniela Schulz
Eline Smit
Wendy Verdonk-Kleinjan
Nicky van der Wulp (at STAP)

Kim Eijmael
Anuska Muyres
Patricia von Schenckendorff
Claire Schoren

Associated Professors:
Prof. Dr. Lilian Lechner, Open University Netherlands
Prof. Dr. R. Wierts, Un. Amsterdam
Dr. C. Bolman, Open University Netherlands
Dr. A. Mudde, Open University Netherlands
Dr. P. van Empelen, Erasmus University
Dr. R. Ruiters