The I-Change Model

The I-Change Model and Integrating Theories for Understanding Health Behavior

Several theories and models can be used in order to understand health behavior. There are some similarities between these theories and models. In this course we will discuss important constructs that can be found in theories that aim at understanding health behavior. At the same time, we will also discuss some important models and theories that are used to understand health behavior.
The course is aimed at developing a critical reflection on the various constructs that are discussed, and references that are used. The questions that are raised, are just one way to stimulate that critical reflection. Besides the references that are provided, it is stimulated that you also will be going to dig into the literature yourself and come up with other papers that may be relevant to discuss.
The course is organized around themes that are also central themes within the I-Change Model: Awareness, Motivation and Action and consists of the following models, which you can choose.
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